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Our In Store Shop

We not only offer rehearsal space 7 days a week, we can cater to 'all' of your musical needs.

The Practice Roomz run an in-store shop, if you need equipment, we've got it! offering 24/48 hour delivery for any items ordered with us via e-mail or in studio.

In for a rehearsal and break a string! Don't threat, we have all the equipment you might need on sale in-store and online. We currently have some absolutely stunning instruments up for sale, including Cajons, full PP and Dw Drumkits, Moongel and other percussion accessories that can be purchased in house and new for 2016 is our card machine making purchases even easier for you.

Looking to buy new Instruments accessories; Picks, Cables(10ft to 20ft), Guitar Capos, Thunder Plugs, Drum Heads and more. Then you're looking in the right place, we not only sell our products at an excellent rate but we have a drum tech in house for tuning snares, full kits, re heads and any other percussive needs!

Order in-store or Email us.

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