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Tim Brooks LIVE Demo - '8 Tracks and Early Mornings'

With the studio being upgraded we were still taking bookings for recordings and we were in for a treat with this one!

Tim Brooks recently recorded a full EP with us here at the studio which will be released later in the year, but being the kind hearted musician he is, Tim wanted to record something to give the fan's whilst they waited for the full release...

The aptly named, '8 Tracks And Early Mornings' was a Live demo which includes 3 of Tim's tracks and he stressed to me, he really wanted it to have a 'Live' feeling. The name come about whilst recording as we were using the 8 track at the time with the studio in limbo due to the upgrades, and recording late at night with early morning starts for both of us it must have felt like the perfect title for this FREE piece of work he was making.

The 3 tracks are, in my opinion, some of his best work to date, i find Tim has a real knack for writing not only catchy finger picked riffs but also intriguing, story told lyrics that all makes for a great listen. I mixed the tracks to sound like they were supposed to, raw and of the moment but captured on a nice mic to give detail to the great guitar melody's and clever lyrics. We were both pleased with the results and it seems his fans have been too! You can find the tracks, 'Runaway And Join The Circus', 'Suddenly' and 'The Ballad Of Tim Peake' on his Soundcloud and you can follow Tim on his Facebook to see what he is up to next!

He is definitely one to watch so if you get a chance go and see him Live!!

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