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Phil Fry - Art Collection Night!

Philip specializes in a variety of painting techniques and traditional wood work. Since leaving university the Artist has put these skills to use with curating group and solo exhibitions over North London, Hertfordshire and Singapore - recently aimed at promoting closer bonds between visual and audial arts. Much of his recent work has been exploring the relationship between the musician, his instrument and iconography.

Most recently, the Artist has began producing his own specially designed instruments - combining star qualities of famous brands with unique wrap around paint schemes - all built by hand.

And we are excited to announce, we will be hosting another acoustic art work night, for The Artist Philip Fry here at the studio on the 17th of September, 8pm - 11pm

Phil has been hand painting art music canvases for the studio for the past three years as well as a range of prints, and even a custom guitar!

The last acoustic art work night had a great turn out, where we had Live Acoustic Music through out the evening from some amazing local artists.

The public were invited to an open studio, in which all of Phil's art work was on display, it was the perfect balance of Drink, Music, and Art. A night where all the Arts become one.

Always a great evening, all displayed artwork is for sale and can be taken away on the day. This will be the first time the summer 2016 collection has been seen. The event is free entry, and we welcome everyone, with the acoustic music this year on the all new garden terrace.


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