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So sick! The frog's cant resist!

It looks as though all of our hard work is paying off here at The Practice Roomz, the outside decking area is so cool that even the wildlife can't stay away!

As you all know we have been working hard this summer on the completion of our decking area, so that you all have a nice chill out space to go and take a break during rehearsals.

Everything is slowly coming along and looking fabulous, and now we finally have the approval from this little guy, who seems to be loving our new AstroTurf .

We caught him chilling out on the decking in all its shaded glory, kicking back jamming out to the sound from room 6.

After hours of shoveling a ton of sand to the back of the studio, we have finally got the new AstroTurf down and the end results are fantastic.

The area is now available to any customers to use during rehearsals, and makes for the perfect outdoor space to have a breather and a break.

Find out more about what we've been up to on our Facebook here.

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