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Wurd Sessions Live Stream at The Roomz

When we first had the viral music video makers, Wurd Sessions in to the studio late last year we were hoping we would do some more work with them...

With the first video they filmed here with Mark Sullivan, a cover of the spectacular first single from Rag n Bone man 'Human' back in August 2016 reaching over 100k views on You Tube they wanted to try one of their new features, Wurd Sessions Live Stream in the setting of the studio's Room 6. We obviously took them up on this offer and were excited to be this time, recording the audio for the whole stream Live with London based artist Ilona and Herts based Mark Sullivan.

It was a great session and there was some incredible music on display from Ilona and Mark alike. If you are a fan of Country/Pop through to acoustic soul/funk then you need to click on the link to the audio from the session below.... You need this in your life!!

We will hopefully doing some more work with the guys at Wurd Sessions this year but for now, head over to their Facebook page and show them some love!

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