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Mod Rockers The Mynd-set recording NEW album

Last year proved a busy one for local Mod Rockers, The Mynd-Set, with new music being released to their followers along with music inclusion for a big screen film... so now it was time to release more music they had been working on ready for 2020!

This band are constantly working in the studio on new tracks and have a real knack for writing catchy hook driven tunes, these latest ones being arguably their best yet. The lads have a great live following with a good turn out at all of their shows, maybe something to do with the feel good nature of the music, maybe their energetic performances.... or it may just be the word is spreading about how good this 4 piece actually are?

With their version of a track written for the film 'To Be Someone' set to be included in the main soundtrack it would appear a perfect time to have a new EP ready to release. The lads were also booked for the festival in Spain the latter part of this year and will be a great chance to showcase their music new and old to a fresh crowd!

All we know is recording with this band is always exciting and the music is always top notch, so make sure you keep a listen out for their new releases coming this year. You can follow the band on socials here, you can listen to their music here.

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