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So following up from our last post looking at some of the drum options here for recording... it was the guitarists turn!

We are literally swamped with amps here at the studio, many are dotted around in practice studios available for everyone to use... but then there are the recording options! We have built up a lovely collection of guitar amp options for you to use on your recordings that are used solely for this purpose.

Rather than list them one by one we just wanted to give you an overview of some options to keep you informed on what's available as we wouldn't want you thinking we use the practice amps in the studio😢. With a range covering all styles and genres we have endorsement with some amp companies and some that we just love.

The Blackstar amps are highly regarded amongst the rock and Metal scene and seem to be growing popularity with other genres lately with a lovely clean valve sound if needed. We have the popular S1 100W head and the HT40 club options available.

On the Orange front we have the SS Crush pro 120 Heads and Cabs which offer the classic rock crunch sound Orange is known for along with nice clean channels.

Fender options include the Mustang modelling amp which gives you options to customise your sound or make it just like your favourite band and then we have what every studio needs in their locker, the Fender Twin which need no introduction, an absolute beast of an amp.

We have another studio classic in the way of the Vox AC30 which is a relic from the 70's providing that classic driven guitar sound Vox is known for.

Another of our faves is the Hayden MOFO head which has been used by may a touring band including Biffy Clyro, it has 2 power settings to keep it under control and just looks and sound beautiful.

So overall these are a few options here at the studio when you come in and record with us, these amps are only used in the studio environment though we may have a couple of doppelgängers around the practice studios! We are always adding to our collections so make sure you follow us on social media to keep in the loop with additions and recording offers.

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