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WEEKENDS  - 10am  -  Late

Recording is quite a bespoke process so we have listed a few options, if you require anything that is not here then please call us for a price.



Full Studio Recording  -  £30ph


Live Recording (3hr session)  -  Call


Single (Soloist) Release Quality  -  Call


EP (Soloist)  Release Quality  -  Call


Full Album (Soloist)  Release Quality  -  Call


Single (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call


EP (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call


Full Album (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call










Rooms 1 - 4  -  £12.50ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  £17.50ph

Room 7  -  £15ph

Room 8  -  £10ph



Rooms 1 - 4  -  £10ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  £15ph

Room 7  -  £12.50ph



Mon - Fri  -  5pm - Late

Rooms 1 - 4  -  £12.50ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  £17.50ph

Room 7  -  £15ph

*There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee. Please note that prices shown above are excluding VAT. 

With deep African roots, the Marimbula originated in 19th century Cuba. It is widely acknowledged as an important instrument in the development of Afro-Cuban music, specifically Changui. Our Marimbula produces deep, mellow tones often used as a substitute for bass in acoustic ensembles. Eight metal tongues are fastened so they can be individually tuned to a scale from D to G. Meticulously handcrafted from Mohena by our skilled artisans in peru, the Gon Bops Marimbula also includes a FREE gig bag!

Gon Bops Marimbula


  • Model# CJMARIM
    Wood: Peruvian Mohena
    Dimension: 10.75″L x 30.75″W x 19.75″H