Licence instructions for full length track in .wav format untagged.


Please complete details and email to  Upon receipt your track and licence will be sent in high quality .WAV format.



The Practice Roomz Beats - (KWENGFACE Type Beat) - UNTAGGED



    Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

    We are open 7 days/nights a week for rehearsal.  Our rehearsal system works on a sliding scale with cheaper slots for longer hours.  We operate day/evening/weekend rates.  Please use the contact form for pricing.


    Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

    Recording is a very bespoke process and varys depending on what each artists requires.  Please use the contact form for pricing.

    *There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee.