It was a few months back when we met Kasia for the first time after enquiring about recording a demo here at the studio. Once we had organised a date she came in and started laying down the first of 3 tracks and instantly knew i would enjoy working with this emerging singer/songwriter. All 3 tracks were simple but effective and had a very folk feeling to them, with a lot of gentle picking and stunning vocal delivery. We were very happy with the end results and you can hear all 3 tracks on our soundcloud here.

A few months on and Kasia has written another triplet of tracks and we had the pleasure of recording them again over the weekend. Yet again very impressive work and we are very excited to start mixing these down making up a very strong 6 track demo for this young lady.

You can catch Kasia playing around the area and the best way to do this is by checking out her social media page here. Keep an eye on the Soundcloud for all latest tracks recorded here at the studio.

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