Kasia Wardman releases 2nd EP

It seems a long time ago now that singer/songwriter Kasia Wardman first came to the studio. On first time hearing her i was blown away with how great her tracks were, merging a delicate finger picking technique with powerful yet endearing vocals. Well, needless to say the first EP was excellent and i was a fan, 3 months on and she decided it was time to release the next 3 tracks..

Once again the tracks were put together beautifully and after deciding out of a 5 set list we started to record the 2nd EP. The 3 track this time consisted of Up, Mind and Stolen, all very clever tracks written by Kasia. Since recording the EP Kasia has gone on to paly various shows around Bedfordshire, winning best female artist in Sunday night love music awards and performing on local radio too! We really like Kasia and hope she continues to do well in her music career, looking forward to doing some more work with her soon!

You can listen to the tracks we recorded with Kasia here. You can follow Kasia on Facebook here.

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