Rise Of The Tull

Back at the start of 2014 Jermaine Tull aka Jermaine RD aka Illz Summers came in to the studio for the first time. Since then it has been a rollercoaster of recording, mixing, mastering and video for this young rap artist.

Starting back with the first project we worked on together was the video for 'Naughty Boy, Dirty Girl'. This was taken from a track on his first recordings which he was set to release as an album that year. The video was a real demonstration of what fuels this guys writing with sexy girls, hard beats and xxx lyrics.. After helping produce the artwork for the album and finishing the video, Jermai put the album out and took a step back for a while to think about his next move.

In 2015 he started reeling in his musical juices once again, this time with a slightly different stlyle of rap with some featured artists on new track 'The Testimony'. This was a whole new movement from Jermai and sounded worlds apart from the previous work, friend and rapper Ade also bringing something different to the track.

After difficulties finding the right people to collab on tracks Jermai once again took a step back and decided to start focusing more on his real passion of producing. After visiting the studio several times getting a better insight in to production he went away, re branded himself as Jermai Tull and started to produce beats for what would be his new collection, 'Project Tull'.

He has come back stronger than ever like a lyrical monster with beats that kick harder than a Kangaroo in a pickle. The new tracks are all well under way with a yet again new style and approach to his music, this time arguably his best work yet. It won't be long until these are all recorded at the pace he is writing so keep an eye out for Rise Of The Tull coming in 2016....

To find out more about Jermai and keep up with #projecttull click here.

To check out his Facebook click here.

To see his previous work click here.

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