New Studio Goes Hybrid

It's taken a few months but it has been worth the wait!!

The new recording studio at The Practice Roomz is now complete with a launch date in stone of 1st September 2016. The new facility incorporates the best of both worlds, boasting 24 track analogue desk, alongside digital recording options. There is ample space in the studio to track bands Live and also house members in the new control room, and with an all new area designed to eleviate any boredom whilst other members are tracking instruments, we have an entertainment centre for bands, it really is the dogs danglies!

The Live room offers 450sq ft of space and is professionally treated with custom acoustics and is fully kitted with amps, drum kits, mic's, 32/8 patch bay, clavinova and even a comfy reclining sofa for chilling between takes. The control room offers 250sq ft of space and incorporates a 24 track analogue desk, digital interface, band zone area and custom lighting/acoustics. We can cater for all types of recording and also carry out professional mixing and mastering services. This is just the start as we are beginning to kit out the studio with upgrades right now and though we have bookings in for August, will be officially opening the new studio on Sept 1st 2016.

We are so excited to show everyone the new facilities here at the studio and cannot wait to have you all in for a viewing but there is more coming on that soon.

If you wanted to come and view the studio let us know and we will give you an invite to the launch day by contacting us here. You can check out the Facebook Page here or the Twitter feed here. For hearing some of our work check out the Soundcloud here.

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Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

We are open 7 days/nights a week for rehearsal.  Our rehearsal system works on a sliding scale with cheaper slots for longer hours.  We operate day/evening/weekend rates.  Please use the contact form for pricing.


Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

Recording is a very bespoke process and varys depending on what each artists requires.  Please use the contact form for pricing.

*There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee.