Over the last few years we have been building our presence on the scene whether it be here in Stevenage or further afield... And it seems the word travels far and wide!

We have had all levels of bands using our facilities and always welcome them here at The Roomz, and this time was no different. With a great pull of talented local bands to top session drummers using the studio we have had also had touring covers artists from the states, European touring bands and also more recently bands a lot closer to home.. and this time we were excited to welcome Kim Wilde and her band ahead of their upcoming tour 'Here Come The Aliens'!

With their tour not far away the band camped down in Room 5 for the first week making the most of the 550 sq ft live room. With all their equipment they did need a bit of space and this is a great sounding room if you are prepping to hit the road, giving a real lively sound close to that you experience in venues.....We are not sure how much of the room sound they experienced with tech as it is and a lot of bands using in ears now but take out word for it, it sounds great!! With Kim being a Hertfordshire based artist it's always nice to have these guys come and use the facilities. After a couple of weeks they had the set nailed down and headed off on tour, but hopefully we will be seeing them before they hit the road again in the future. We wish them all the best on the road and you can find out more about the new album here and the band here.

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Mon - Fri  -  10am  -  5pm

Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

WEEKENDS  - 10am  -  Late

Recording is quite a bespoke process so we have listed a few options, if you require anything that is not here then please call us for a price.



Full Studio Recording  -  Β£30ph


Live Recording (3hr session)  -  Call


Single (Soloist) Release Quality  -  Call


EP (Soloist)  Release Quality  -  Call


Full Album (Soloist)  Release Quality  -  Call


Single (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call


EP (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call


Full Album (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call










Rooms 1 - 4  -  Β£12.50ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  Β£17.50ph

Room 7  -  Β£15ph

Room 8  -  Β£10ph



Rooms 1 - 4  -  Β£10ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  Β£15ph

Room 7  -  Β£12.50ph




Mon - Fri  -  5pm - Late

Rooms 1 - 4  -  Β£12.50ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  Β£17.50ph

Room 7  -  Β£15ph


*There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee. Please note that prices shown above are excluding VAT.