So recently we accommodated the Kim Wilde band before they headed off on a UK Tour.. and this time we were welcoming another music legend.. Howard Jones!

If our suspicions were in doubt before we can now confirm, we are starting to become the studio of choice for many artists ranging across all levels, and it's pretty exciting stuff! A child of the 80's myself it is pretty surreal to have these guys coming here and practicing just down the corridor. With a string of appearances coming up Howard Jones and his band were also looking to bed down for a couple of days and tighten the set which funnily enough was done in the ever popular Room 5! With shows coming up all over the place we were excited to see have them here and hopefully we will keep seeing more and more touring bands using th facilities. If you want to know more about Howard Jones the click here, if you want to see where to catch them next click here.

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Mon - Fri  -  10am  -  5pm

Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

WEEKENDS  - 10am  -  Late

Recording is quite a bespoke process so we have listed a few options, if you require anything that is not here then please call us for a price.



Full Studio Recording  -  £30ph


Live Recording (3hr session)  -  Call


Single (Soloist) Release Quality  -  Call


EP (Soloist)  Release Quality  -  Call


Full Album (Soloist)  Release Quality  -  Call


Single (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call


EP (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call


Full Album (Full Band)  Release Quality  -  Call










Rooms 1 - 4  -  £12.50ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  £17.50ph

Room 7  -  £15ph

Room 8  -  £10ph



Rooms 1 - 4  -  £10ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  £15ph

Room 7  -  £12.50ph



Mon - Fri  -  5pm - Late

Rooms 1 - 4  -  £12.50ph

Rooms 5 & 6  -  £17.50ph

Room 7  -  £15ph

*There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee. Please note that prices shown above are excluding VAT.