Practice Roomz Presentz - MAY 2019 (PRPZ #5)

We are bringing the Live side back by popular demand with an all new studio series of Practice Roomz Presentz!!! This year we will be running the nights that we formed some years ago, right at the very start, and it will all take place within the studio once again... Come and experience a triplet of exceptional artists perform in one of the most cool but intimate settings Stevenage has to offer... but only if you get lucky ;-) These showcase nights will be limited to set numbers of 35 per event so if you want to get involved in one of our monthly special events then register for Tickets by mailing the email below ⬇️ If you wish to register for tickets for THIS event please EMAIL us to the email address below and just tell us how many tickets you need. We can then send you a payment link for your tickets in advance along with info for the night. In this fifth line up of the year we are extremely privileged to have the exceptional sounds of.... Barnyard Junkies Tom Braggins (Tom Braggins Music) Cara Beard (Cara Beard Music) These are nights that you will not want to miss, with intimate showcase settings and a truly immersive experience in the music... See you there!

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Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

We are open 7 days/nights a week for rehearsal.  Our rehearsal system works on a sliding scale with cheaper slots for longer hours.  We operate day/evening/weekend rates.  Please use the contact form for pricing.


Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

Recording is a very bespoke process and varys depending on what each artists requires.  Please use the contact form for pricing.

*There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee.