Over the last 7 years we have really spread our wings in the local scene.... and also now attract a lot of touring artists to the studio on a regular basis!

The latest to choose The Practice Roomz was incredible blues/rock musician Danny Bryant and his band. With some big dates approaching it was great to see the full set up making use of our studio 5 which offers a great space for bigger band setups, and this was a big set up! It's always good to see the room being used to this level as it shows how the room can be utilised for other bands looking to rehearse ahead of big shows. The set up here was vocals, guitars, drums, bass, keys and 4 piece brass section all needing monitoring and a good sound to get the set polished. The room took care of their needs with no problems and hopefully we will see them again soon.

If you wanted to catch Danny on tour then you can catch them at various dates below, and take it from us, they are well worth going to see live! He has also released his latest album 'Means Of Escape' and you can find that on Spotify now!

Danny Bryant Tour Dates

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