The Practice Roomz is a professional recording/rehearsal studio located in Old Town, Stevenage, Herts. 
Featuring 8 custom rehearsal studios and bespoke recording facility, it spans a generous 4,000 sq ft site. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound and bringing the best out of all of our clients.
  • We use both Logic and Reaper for recording with the option to multitrack or record live dependant on your preferences.

  • The studio has access to various mixers including Alto, Allen & Heath, Yamaha, Soundcraft and Studiomaster.

  • We have an extensive range of microphones in house  including Shure, Rode, Audix and Lewitt.  We also offer a hire in service which allows us to provide you with any recording mic of your choice upon request.

  • Currently operating  Motu 1248 interface, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and Audient ASP 880 Pre-amps.  Guitar Rig, Slate Digital.

  • We have Soundcraft, KRK Rokit 6, Yamaha HS series for studio speakers and Amphion One 18's for mixdown/monitoring.

Instruments/equipment in house including Fender , Danelectro, Vintage premier, Mapex, Tama, Yamaha, Sonor, Ashdown, Blackstar, BadCat, TC Electronics Trace Elliot, Marshall, Vox, Line 6, Orange, HH, Peavey.



Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

We are open 7 days/nights a week for rehearsal.  Our rehearsal system works on a sliding scale with cheaper slots for longer hours.  We operate day/evening/weekend rates.  Please use the contact form for pricing.


Mon - Sun  -  10am  -  Late

Recording is a very bespoke process and varys depending on what each artists requires.  Please use the contact form for pricing.

*There is a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled in under 72-hours before the session will incur a full rehearsal fee.