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Practice Roomz Presentz

Back in 2013 we launched a platform to bring local and emerging to the forefront with a live music showcase.  This has evolved over the years from live studio showcases to online video content and external live shows.


Showcase Events

Bi monthly showcases right here in Studio 5 have been a real success.  With Studio sponsor showcases for products and masterclass performances from some of the worlds elite musicians they are always a must see event.


Studio Bar

The studio bar is exclusively available to clients and only people using our facilities.  We have various drinks available and it's a great place to chill after your session and hang out with like minded people.


PRZ Live

This is our live events and equipment hire side of the business.  We work closely with local music events through to festivals across the UK supplying professional PA and engineering services.  More information can be found on the PRZ Live website.


Networking Nights

We run a monthly network night right here in the studio bar where like minded people can come along, chat, have a drink and hopefully form new musical relationships.  With Bands, Songwriters, Women In Music and producers some of the exclusive night themes we try to engage everybody.


Revolution Records

We are proud to be at the forefront of our local music scene working with many of the artists and bands in our area.  Together with Revolution Records in Stevenage we help to get their music heard with a local musicians section in the record shop.

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