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With many bands looking to get their music heard over the pandemic it bought to light the importance of Livestreaming and what it can do in times like these. After the first lockdown social media channels had been a driving force in artists utilising its reach with live uploads and performances. Since then we have seen a massive rise in the artists and bands wanting to use this service, but in a more professional setting.

Streaming from the bedroom as a soloist or jumping on a Zoom multi call for bands is all good and serves a much needed purpose in times when we cant leave our houses. But what has become the new norm is now a continuing trend with artists realising the potential a livestream has. Reaching new audiences across the globe and meaning people can hear exclusive releases or EP drops without having to go outside has meant utilising our facilities to encompass this.

Now, don't get us wrong, Live music in person, at a gig will never have an equal.... but why not utilise the alternatives in between... and that's exactly what we have done for many bands since the lockdown including Hertfordshire rock band 10 Gauge.

10 Gauge are a force in the rock scene with their recent EP getting great reviews and a great live schedule was in place until the recent events of Covid 19. Not only this, but band founder and guitarist Tom really wanted to put on a show for his dad who was unable to leave the home due to illness and had not seen he band live for a long time. So the lads got in touch with us and we arranged a Livestream direct from the studio's Live room. An absolutely amazing band with a catalogue of real catchy rock songs worthy of the big time they put on a show all filmed and recorded in real time so their families and fans could tune in for free and hear the music that they had so missed.

The livestream set up was fairly straightforward with a Go Pro in the room and phone device for extra angle then all the instruments close mic'd in the room for audio with holdback monitors just like they were performing in a venue! We love this band and more importantly the members within, we have known them all a long time and wish them every success with their music for the future. Livestreams have become a part of a bands requirements in many aspects now and we are excited to offer this as a professional service going forwards.

For more information on 10 Gauge follow their social here and check out their music here. If you are looking to Livestream or record please get in touch via the usual routes or click here.

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