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Covid 19 has forced everyone across the world into a new way of life, the new normal, and at the frontline of helping the affected are the NHS.

At the end of the first national lockdown one of the pharmacy support staff at Lister hospital, Duncan Effiwatt, decided to arrange a meeting with local studio owner Kristian Lawrence to discuss a charity single to help fundraise for the NHS. Duncan, who works at the Lister Hospital Stevenage had written lyrics for a potential song surrounding the pandemic. A story based on a young trainee nurse and an experienced doctor were the roots for something originally written for a documentary/film score, it was soon decided to make them the lyrics for a charity single release.

After initial talks Kristian, who runs The Practice Roomz studios in Stevenage, was tasked with arranging the lyrics and producing a track to accompany with the aim to make a feel good track that also stood up as a release into today's music charts. Once the music was written and mapped out the idea was to keep the track based around people within the NHS using frontline staff to sing on the track and make sure everyone involved had ties with the NHS. After recording a young singer/songwriter earlier in the year studio owner Kristian had a good idea she was perfect for the main vocal. Eirra had been introduced to Kristian at the studio through the charity 'Willow', which provides 'Special Days' for young people suffering with life-threatening illnesses. After being diagnosed with cancer at age 20 and suffering a relapse a year later, Eirra often turned to music as a source of inspiration and comfort throughout her treatment. It was this, along with her extreme gratitude to the NHS for saving her life, that made her incredibly excited to be involved in the charity single. Eirra was called into the studio to record a guide vocal and immediately it became apparent she was perfect for the lead vocal. After this it was time to make aware NHS staff that the studio was looking for people to sing on the track in a choir style format. Duncan had set about telling the NHS departments about the track and things started getting interest from all areas. The response was huge and eventually 20 NHS staff recorded backing vocals in separate sessions along with a guitarist who added some lead parts across the track. These people were from all areas within the NHS departments and it was starting to become a great track. After spending a couple of months arranging the track, organising sessions for everyone to attend in a safe manner and then mixing the track it was getting close to being ready. The demo was sent to NHS Charity departments along with Just Giving to see if they liked the track that had been made… and they loved it. Not only did they like the track but were happy to back the single through the NHS and also Just Giving wanted to help support in any way they could. With a track ready for release and the full support of local NHS and Just Giving it was now just the artwork that needed finishing. A photoshoot was arranged with the NHS marketing team and we were all set to go when the Covid second wave was announced, quashing a hospital photoshoot. With a Christmas release in mind the cover art had to be designed with a slightly different feel to what was originally planned, but nevertheless, it was now all ready to go.

Any support for the track would be greatly appreciated and with a Christmas release in mind we will be pushing for a chart position through downloads. To help achieve this you can pre-order the track from the I Tunes store for 79p here -

This track has been made to support the NHS and all the hard work they have done and continue to do in this current pandemic. It will be released across all digital platforms on the 4th December 2020 and all proceeds from PRE-ORDERS/ DOWNLOADS will go to the NHS.

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