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After trying to navigate the rules around rehearsal and recording facilities continuing to operate throughout #lockdown2 we decided it's safer to once again close for this period.

In March of this year the country was thrown into a never before seen pandemic that grew on a global scale forcing us to be locked into our homes in fear of us contracting a new virus, Covid 19. Well 3 months later it looked like we could once again start to resume normal life.... but unbeknown to us it was only temporary.

For the next 3 months businesses started to open up much to the eagerness of the public, many businesses unfortunately were forced into closure and peoples mental health had taken a real knock, it was a well received announcement for everyone. With many suffering through lack of human contact and no outlet for their pasttimes life had been a struggle March to July.

Fast forward 3 months and the dreaded announcement was made that cases of the virus were once again rising and a 2nd, albeit less restrictive lockdown was imposed forcing many, including ourselves to once again close doors. The announcement came and ruled out any gathering of people outside of their household 'bubbles' which meant the only option for us was to close due to the studio environment being unable to operate in that restrictive manner. It was a massive blow and we feared for not just the business but also the well being of many who needed to use places like ours as an outlet for their mental wellbeing. With no real idea of when this would get better we prepared to close until December hoping that we can open again just before Christmas hits. At this stage we are as unsure as everyone else but we will keep you posted with any updates as soon as we can.

We will continue to take bookings for December and keep those already booked in the system.

We really hope you all stay safe and keep positive through this next phase. Our phones will be on and all bookings can be done via the normal channels. We will see you all in December!

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