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Hand crafted guitars on sale now!

We are always interested when you see someone with an exceptional talent. In this case, not necessarily in music but the craft of guitar building. Philip Fry is a local lad who plays guitar as well as builds them. He first came to the studio for a Practice Roomz Presentz night back in 2012 and since then has had a close working relationship with owner Kriss. When he showed Kriss his collection of hand crafted guitars the pair got talking and decided to make a prototype exclusively to sell at the studio. With it being the perfect place to showcase the guitar people can use the 'U 6' when they practice or just pop in for a look. Phil is also an artist and paints the many amazing canvases that are on sale at the studio. For more information on the 'acoustic artwork canvases' or the 'U 6 Guitar' then get in touch here.

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