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The Practice Roomz on-line shop is a go!

There has been talk for a while now of the shop that may be opening on-line for The Practice Roomz. Well we can now tell you it has been launched. The all new addition to the website has a whole load of stuff to offer ranging from artwork through to mixing desks, amps and clothing. With all of the extra things happening at the studio it has opened up a gateway to a wide range of exclusive items. Along with the custom guitars and artwork comissioned by Phil Fry for the studio there is a whole load of used equipment, accesories and Practice Roomz clothing range available to buy. A very welcomed addition to the evergrowing Practice Roomz brand the shop will allow people who don't necessarily use the studio to benefit from the wide range of things we can offer. There will be more items added as time progresses so keep checking the store for exclusive items. To browse the shop click here.

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