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Our Big Gig 2014

July 12th saw the first ever Our Big Gig to take place at The Practice Roomz. The event was a mixture of music workshops, inc drums, keys, vocals and guitar, music demonstrations, live music and an open mic for everyone to get involved in. It was a free to attend day and all of the people who came gave some great positive feedback. The tutors on the day were all excellent who included - Lloyd James (Guitar), Roxy Searle (Vocals), Clint Henderson (Drums) and Alex Heracleus (Keyboards). They all presented well put together lessons for the crowds and put on some great demos along with fantastic group performances. We also had some live music from Connor Jesse Wells, Spacegoat and Mark Sullivan who performed with all of the tutors. All in all it was a great day, the sun was out and everyone had free pizza! We will definitely be looking to host again next year and if anyone is interested in helping out then they can contact for more information.


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