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PRZ Live launched..

With the large amount of new bands and artists we are seeing here at the studio it got us thinking about the scene in general. With so many gigging bands and soloists tied with the growing number of events we are putting on now it seemed a great way to introduce new music in to venues all over.

PRZ Live is predominantly a live music service that is free to register with and we aim to get bands/artists gigs all over the UK where we can. We already have several live music venues using us to supply artists and live sound, this number is set to grow by the end of the year, not just sticking to one genre but trying to filter all varietys of music in to these venues. We also offer a service to big events that need artists, i.e weddings, party's and other such events. If you are interested in joining the live music rosta then you can get in touch here with you demo's,


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