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Jackals Backbone record at studio

So we have been building up our reputation for recording and the bands are starting to filter in. Though we are used by a majority of local bands for rehearsal, we have only been up and running with the recording facility for under a year. It takes time to get people to trust you can do the best job with their music and we are totally confident we are the best in our field. This is being reflected in the work we are putting out and one of the bands who's eye was caught is local metal/rock band Jackals Backbone. These guys heard our demo's and booked in for a 2 track EP under our September vinyl offer. We were very excited to get the chance to record a metal outfit and put it ion our c.v. and we really enjoy what these guys do so it made it all the better for us! If you are looking to record then you can contact us here. You can check out Jackals Backbone here. You can listen to our


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