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Broken Diamond Record At The Roomz!

With the studio getting known for it's ability to produce high end recordings the word seems to be getting around fast! As we knew when we started out, it is a big part of an artists' needs to have a studio where they can be assured they will get the very best from their studio time and get a great, polished end product. Well that is exactly what we do and with our new studio the full bands are loving what we can offer! Recently we recorded local metal band Jackals Backbone who we posted about on the last blog and this time it is superb local hard rock outfit Broken Diamond! Broken Diamond use The Practice Roomz as their rehearsal facility of choice and have now given us the chance to record their 2 track EP. Super excited to record these guys and get their tracks put on vinyl under our September offer. Now we can facilitate full bands in the new studio with ample space and a purpose built room to track instruments in a controlled and modern stylish facility. If you are in a band looking to record then you can contact us here. You can check out Broken Diamond here and you can listen to some of our work on our



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