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Illz Summers records new material at studio

Earlier this year we started working with a local rapper, Jermai Tull who is a man with a message. His first demo , 'My Shame To Fame' was put out this year followed by a couple of local shows promoting the demo. He came to the studio after hearing about our work and really wanted to get a music video done with us. The video for track 'Naughty Boy, Dirty Girl' doesn't need much explaining, it is what it says on the tin! After the filming of this we went on to record some more vocals, design his artwork for the demo and get his demo duplicated. He loved the results and we have continued working with him since. Illz Summers latest work is self produced and we have been recording his vocals at the studio for first track, 'The Testimony' this week. The track is a reflection on life's struggles with friendships being a key point in this hard hitting, clever track. We really enjoy working with Jermai and there is a lot more in the pipeline, but for now you can listen to finished version of 'The Testimony' which has been vocally mixed and fully mastered here at the studio now.


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