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The Practice Roomz Radio Show Gets Green Light..

It's official, The Practice Roomz now has it's own radio show going out LIVE every Wednesday. This is very exciting news for us at the studio and also for the bands and artists using our facilities! When we were first aproached about the idea of airing our own show it seemed like the ideal thing to do, considering the amount of talent we see on a daily basis. After thinking about the show and how it would run, we put forward the idea of playing a purely local, original set of music every week to try and get the bands that are off the radar heard on a wider scale. Along with this we are putting together news on the local music scene, gig listings in the area and having LIVE interviews on the show. With the first show going out on Nov 5th there was some great feedback from listeners who said how 'refreshing' it was to hear something 'a bit different from the norm'. With the producers of the station happy we have been offered a weekly slot, every Wednesday at midday with talk already of running the show for 2 hours instead of the initial 1 hour slot! If you are in to your music and want to hear what's going on off of the mainstream antenna then you can tune in to SG1 Radio here. To listen to the Podcast from



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