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Studio Recording Reputation Building Fast

As another year fly's by, we have been ever busier here at the studio. Since opening the recording facility at the tail end of last year we have been slowly building a reputation in high end recording and production. With the high quality of mixes we are putting out heads are starting to turn towards The Practice Roomz for recording needs along with offering the best rehearsal facilities around. We always knew that rehearsal and recording needs differ and wanted to be able to offer the very best in both fields which we are now achieving. With the constant additions to the studio rehearsal facilities and new studio building we have everything you could need under one roof. With a lot of acoustic artists choosing us to produce their work earlier in the year we are now taking on more and more full band recordings. Another service we offer is mixing/mastering services if you are not happy with what you already have, which we are seeing more and more of. We offer full studio recording, live recording, mixing/mastering and also duplication services. We hope that word keeps spreading into 2015 and look forward to putting our touches on to your music in the future. To listen to some of our work you can go to our Soundcloud here. If you are looking to get some recording/mixing/mastering done you can



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