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Outright Resistance Promo Video finally out....

Back in late 2014 we were called upon to film a live performance video of local metal band 'Outright Resistance' to which we gladly agreed. The local lads from Stevenage wanted to have a performance video so the public could get a feel for what the band had to offer and what better way than to use the studio's ever versatile Room 5! On the day of filming the lads did not dissapoint as you will see, with a nice hazer and some mood lighting we were set to go. As an idea of what we done here, it was shot with a single camera from various angles and put together in an appetising way, im sure you will agree! With the video finally out we can now show you how good this band is, we know they have started a campaign this year to promote the band, so hopefully this will help them on their way a little. Ladies and gentlemen.........................


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