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Mark Sullivan Becoming A Household Name....

Mark Sullivan is a singer/songwriter from Hitchin, Herts and he is looking ever more likely to become a household name in 2015. A true musician through and through he has spent his life dedicated to music and moulding his craft into the incredible sound he has now. Starting at an early age he has always been in bands and first came to The Practice Roomz in 2012 a couple of months after i first opened the doors. At this point he was the frontman of a great local band 'Gekko' who were very well thought of in the local scene, gigging at some great venues on a regular basis. On watching this band for the first time at an early Practice Roomz Presents night i was blown away by how good Mark and the band were. As things go in music the band split up in 2013 and mark formed The Marksman with fellow band member and long time friend, Clint Henderson. This duo was also at the highest standard you had come to expect from anything that Mark was involved in and with Clint by his side on Cajon the duo were a formiddable sound proving ever popular playing great London Venues along with a growing number of requested appearances. This not only being down to their extreme talent but also the likeability of the individuals who's great personalitys always added that little extra to the performance. With 2014 approaching Mark decided to go solo and really push for the dream of playing his own material and making the transition to full time musician. Mark released the first EP 'The Slow Show' in early 2014 and it was very well received, followed by some fantastic gigs at Osfest 2014 and London Poppy Day Big Busk and also a write up in the Shortlist 2014, The Shortlisten review. This was a great achievement for Mark and Clint alike who sessioned on the EP playing Cajon. With the next EP recorded and almost ready for release Mark has now been asked to tour around the UK at some of the most well known venues showcasing his original material. This, i feel is just the start of Mark's rise to the top and truly believe it is fully deserved as talent like this is too good to go unnoticed. For more information on Mark Sullivan click here. To listen to Mark Sullivan click here. To watch Mark in action click here.

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