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With the last 2 years being a great success it was going to be hard to make this years Stevenage day better than previous occasions..... I think you will agree we somehow managed to top it again this year! With the main stage and acoustic stage being booked by The Practice Roomz again there was an unbelievable array of talent on show. With performances from Indi and The Vegas, Mark Sullivan, Live//Learn and Roxy Searle to name just a few it was the biggest music show in Stevenage of this year. Everyone playing on the day was fantastic and there were some real stand out performances, we even saw a giant minion crashing the stage for Old Skool Rock originals band Guns Of Anarchy! In all the day was fantastic and i would like to thank everyone involved peformers and tech crew for making it so good. We are excited to be asked back again next year so make sure you drop us a line if you fancy getting on next years line up!

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