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Regulars at the studio, Calm For The Restless are a band that have always interested me and never dissapoint with their indie/rock sound and catchy tracks. After finishing their second EP 'Destroyed But Not Defeated' they felt it was time to get a music video shot here at the studio. All of the tracks on the EP were strong contenders but they decided to accompany the video with the track 'After Tonight' which gives a great insight to this bands sound for any newbie stumbling across this band for the first time.

We shot the video in the new studio No.6 and it was fimed as a Live performance as opposed to a storyboarded option which worked very well in this instance. The use of some strobe lighting and some clever camera angles made this video an impressive side order to the already well presented track.

Youy can hear Calm For The Restless here and watch the music video below.

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