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Ever since the first time i heard the sounds of Watford based rock band Guns Of Anarchy i was a a fan. With a personal love of rock music these guys bring back the old school sound of bands such as AC/DC and Guns&Roses which is something you do not hear too much now. There is a no nonsense approach to this music which you can't help but love when the combination of heavy guitar riffs, solid drum kicks and raucous bass come together in this manner, oh, and with a real rock quality vocal on top.

After recording the first track, 'Hang Em High' i remember sitting listening to the final mix with a big smile on my face and thinking this is pretty damn good, i want to hear more of this! Well, i did, as we went on to record 2 more tracks completing their first demo which is up on the Soundcloud now. The next track 'Cashing Cheques' is somewhat of a proper classic rock track in songwriting and sound with the final track 'Scream' being a fast all out assault of chugging riffage and simple effective lyrics. I am looking forward to hearing more of what these young lads have to offer as we move to the end of the year, they are currently finishing new tracks as i write but for now go check them out on social media here and listen to their music here

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