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I first met the Cardinal Kings by chance after recording with a young singer/songwriter Sophie Kitchener. She had informed me of an open mic they perform at so i went and checked it out one weekday evening where i met the bands dad/soundman Martin. After chatting about the band and how much i liked the sound they portrayed we went on to record a track with the boys, Jack, Johnny, Gorge and Matt and it was one of my favourite this year. The track, 'Wait' was an indie/rock original very similar in sound to the Black Keys and you can listen to that here.

2 months on and the boys were back in today minus the 4th member Johnny after parting ways with another original track and i am excited to tell you, it's even better than the last one! The Cardinal Kings exhibit songwriting skills way beyond their years, at the mere age of 16, being the youngest member in Jack the drummer. At the first instance of hearing this track you could tell it was going to be another fantastic piece of music and we have been lucky enough to record it. I predict big things for this young, now 3 piece band from Herts and look forward to posting it up in the coming weeks.

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