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Roomz Shop Seals Distribution Deal

With the opening of the Practice Roomz shop in late 2015 it was something that was much needed. With the inflow of bands growing there was a real need to offer them spares and other parts incase needed during a session.

Focusing primarily on drum equipment, the shop stocks heads, sticks, strings and has a catalogue of un stocked items available for delivery to the studio. With interest growing for certain items to be available we started looking in to the idea of big distributors that could supply us with big names like Sabian, DW, Vater and Gon Bops. Well we are excited to announce we have now secured a deal with a big player and can provide all of the afore mentioned plus many more goodies! Available to order primarily, we may look to holding certain items at the studio but most items will be available for next day delivery. This is a massive step for us and we are looking forward to getting going with providing you with the equipment you need. For more information you can pop in to the studio and talk with Luke, our drum tech and studio shop man or you can email us here and check out the Facebook page here.

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