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Buzzed Music Magazine Launched

For the last few years now The Practice Roomz has been providing bands and artists a place to go and rehearse/record in a cool environment with the idea of becoming a central music hub at the forefront. Over the few years we have been operating we have managed to go from a rehearsal facility to offering not only this but full recording facilities, music video, Live Events and much, much more.

The Hertfordshire scene has always been there, it's just, as with most local music scenes, getting people to engage in the great music around them. With this in mind and a front row in the local music scene we had been putting together the idea for Buzzed Magazine which would look to inform the uninformed of the great talent in our area and make it accessible for everybody to see.

Well this month the plans were finally revealed after a lot of planning and secret research. In January 2016 we launched the social pages for Buzzed Magazine. The magazine encompasses all things music and puts it out for all to see. We have formulated a structure where all local unsigned artists can get reviewed, be invited for live interviews, and basically give them another platform to gain exposure. We have a team for Live events at venues who will review gigs, interviewing bands and fans, we will have sections on the venues, soundcrew and owners as they are a critical part of the scene too, we have EP reviews, gig listings and even technical sections to keep you up to date. With all this to do, we needed someone who could go to these gigs and knew the local scene as well as us to become part of the team....Well, we were lucky enough to find a young girl passionate about the scene who had already encroached on her own idea for exposing the music and we joiined forces to make this the best it can be, introducing Kim Young.

Kim is chief editor of the Buzzed Magazine and truly is dedicated and great at her job. A lover of local music and always frequenting at gigs, Kim will be the girl about town so if you see her at a gig, say hi, buy her a drink as she has her work cut out and will be fully commiting to hel;ping the scene grow. With the Buzzed Mag well and truly launched you can now read some of the latest reviews and articles on the Tumblr, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and there will be some other exciting things happening later in the year.

For now we encourage you to go and like the page, it's free and it's our scene so we really should all be supporting it! Big things to come from this so keep checking back for updates, if you want to know more about Buzzed then get in touch by emailing us at

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