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With the ever increasing live shows being held by PRZ Live it was only a matter of time before we started working further afield.. Paddington, London was the new destination for 2016!

We were contacted by a London based company in summer 2015 and booked to run the sound at an outdoor event for some of the UK's finest cover bands through word of mouth. We went and had a great day hoping the bookers enjoyed our sound engineering on the day and hoping we could run all 3 of their events in 2016. Well, we were extremely excited when we received the call to carry out Live sound again throughout 2016 for all of their open air events and hopefully for the forseeable.

Starting in July this year we will be running the sound at Paddington Gardens for an array of the UK's best cover bands/artists, and the best news, it's totally FREE to attend!! That's right, if you find yourself in london on any of the dates listed on PRZ Live Facebook then just head down for some great music in the park and enjoy the sounds in this lovely suburban park in the middle of the city.

We have a whole load of events coming this year, including festivals, pubs and private events. You can find out more about what we do and how to book us for your event on our contact page. If you are in need of a sound engineer/band/equipment then give us a shout today!

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