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TIM BROOKES records debut EP

With the new studio fully operational it has been pretty hectic with the influx of recording here at The Practice Roomz!

We like to think we can offer recording services to any and all types of genre but the one we see more and more of late is the singer/songwriter. Now, i love working with singer/songwriters and acoustic guitars, and this guy was no exception. When Tim first came in he expressed how he wanted to record an album with half acoustic and half full band, all played out by himself. It's always fascinating watching a musician craft an album playing out all the parts themselves, from start to finish having the freedom to alter basslines or add chords in it's a great process.

This debut EP is lending it's hand to an acoustic/rock sound with a tight rhythm guitar throughout and on the second half of the EP a blistering drum sound, basslines and wailing lead solo's. The standout thing for me on this album was his vocals. It's so hard to sound different with the many talented vocalists around but Tim has a raw, rocky sound to his voice that really makes this stand out.

We are hoping to let you all know a release date soon but for now, you can check out tim's music page on his Facebook here.

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