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Control Room Expansion!!

You may have been hearing whispers that the recording facilities are expanding..... AND it's true!

Now that the Live room is sounding and looking gorgeous we are on to phase 2, the control room.... With a 6.5ft wide Panoramic window and 250 sq ft of designed space to record and make music it is a thing of pure beauty! The room has been designed to accommodate full bands with the space to relax and write or just chlil whist other instruments are being tracked.

With the ever growing number of bands choosing to record with us it was a necessary expansion and should be complete by the start of August. We have a waiting list forming to start using the new studio so if you are looking to get booked in, whether it be to record a demo with us or even if you want to just dry hire the facilities and do your own thing get in touch for some more info!

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