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New Equipment in!

New equipment in now!

We introduce the Yamaha MG166CX u5b, with its light weight, it offers 16 input channels (10 mics + 4 stereo line inputs), SPX Digital multi effect, Rack mount-ability, and plenty more brilliant features. This is an excellent edition to Room 6, come check it out!

Each practice room is now equipped with two Wall mounted PA's, giving you the best quality of sound during your rehearsal. And if our cozy rooms don't already make you mellow, now they definitely will! With our new lighting in each of the practice rooms, it gives the rooms just that bit more of a chilled, kick-back environment.

For all you singers that rock it out with a microphone! You'll be happy to hear that brand new mic stands have arrived to accompany you, while you belt out those octaves!

NEW DRUM KITS! COMING SOON! Drummer's, we have brand new drum kits joining us at The Practice Roomz, So keep an eye out and come and jam on some of our crisp new kit!

Why not book in a session with us today? For any questions or queries, please contact us via 07532137600 or email.

We always look forward to hearing from you!

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