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New Snacks In Fridge

We try very hard to keep all of our customers completely satisfied here at the studio... and one of the things that makes people happy is chocolate!

You may be thinking this is a nonsense post, what am i reading? but it could be an important factor when you are next looking to book a rehearsal or recording at a studio. Our survey showed that when the fridge ran low on chocolate, so too did morale and even to the point where we found ourselves apologising to customers for our complete lack of attention to the lonely Mars bar at the back of the box or the last levi Root's drink just waiting to be consumed by the lucky punter....

Well fear not sweet lovers.... We are now re fuelling the fridge on a weekly basis with all sorts of wonderful treats, including Twirls, Kit Kat Chunky's, Yazoo (Chocolate flavour) and many more items of sugary pleasure to aid with your musical endeavours. If there is something in particular you want but cannot see in the snack fridge then let us know! We are always listening to requests and would be happy to get your snack of choice... within reason.

For more info on our snack fridge and what we have available please click here.

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