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ZOOM UK - Drum Recordings in studio

As most of you probably know, we offer high end rehearsal and recording facilities along with other bits and bobs....

Well some of the other bits and bobs include an in house shop, Live Sound and video services but that does not mean that you can't hire a room yourself and do your own thing, which is exactly what Michael from Neverworld and the guys from Zoom UK done recently.

Michael was looking to record some drum tracks and get the sessions filmed for a You Tube Channel which is something we see happening often now. He decided that there was no better place to do this than the Practice Roomz latest addition, Room 6!

We had a little peek in during the session and what a great set up this guy has as you can see from the picture, also on hand to film the sessions was Sam from Zoom UK using some of the latest Zoom recording technology which we love here at the studio. An avid user of the Zoom R16 myself after chatting with Sam it looks like i may be investing in the upgraded Zoom R24 very soon along with some of their other great bits of kit to have around the studio.

For more info on hiring the studio, click here. To find out more about Michael and his band, Neverworld, click here. For more info on Zoom UK and all the wonderful products they have click here!

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