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Guns Of Anarchy Film New Music Video In Room 5!

Guns of Anarchy have been regulars at the studio for the past two years now, and started recording their EP here with us last summer. And now we can tell you they have made a little video to accompany one of their tracks.

If you don't know much about Guns of Anarchy, you better get to know! As these lads are on the radar for a lot of London venues, as well as branching outside of Hertfordshire and London, playing in Northamptonshire and evesham of late.

We make no secret of loving every track these guys make. Scream, being no exception as the video track. Unfortunately we didn't get to film this video, as they brought in their own filming crew. Hopefully we will get to work on the next one with them, as well as recording their next EP. Looking at some of the pictures from the day, it looks like they had a great time filming, and we cannot wait to see the end result.

The lads, James, Olly, Marty, and Lex are in our opinion a special sort of Rock band, and if you get 5 minutes you should really check them out.

You can check out some more information and their upcoming gigs on their Facebook page here. Go and have a listen to some of their tracks on their sound cloud here.

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