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PRZ Shop secures more Big Players for Shop..

With the launch of the small in-house shop at the studio at the start of this year, it has become quite an important part of the operation!

Initially started to offer people drum spares in the way of sticks, heads and other small accessories it has now proved quite popular with everyone and we have started to secure accounts with some big players.

We have added a whole load of equipment to the shop page now, including full drum kits, cymbals, moon gel, cajons and a whole load more! We can have anything delivered to the studio and for most items this will be the case as we are limited for shop space at the moment..... We can now offer DW, Vater, Promark, PP, Sabian, HK Audio and a whole load of other BIG brands at a great price. We have an in-house drum specialist, Luke Simmons, who a lot of people know from what used to be The Drum Shop in Walkern, what he doesn't know about drums isn't worth knowing! Luke also mans the studio with me on a regular basis so if you want to know more about what we offer then just come in for a chat!

We have started supplying some big bands which you can read about in another post on the blog so make sure you head back there now.... For more info on the PRZ shop click here. To contact Luke for orders or enquiries click here. To visit the products page click here.

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