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Myndset LIVE Demo Reels!!

Well a little while back now the lads decided they needed to record a demo, and for the first one we thought a Live recording would work quite well.

The lads, Glyn (Bass & vox), Leon (Guitar & bv's), Chris (drums) and Parsley The Lion (Keys & bv's) are some of the coolest guys you are likely to meet and not only that, they make some ultra cool music which i am a big fan of! If you ever get a chance to see these guys Live then make sure you are there, as the whole show from the styling to the retro style music, reminiscant of the Small Faces and Cream it's something you need to see.

Well, you guys are in luck as the demo reel has not yet been released but the kind hearted members of the band have given their permission for us to wet your whistle with one of the tracks from the recordings..!! The Score, probably my fave of the 4 tracks is an absolute perfect example of how these guys role on a musical level. It has everything you want from a band of this style with beautiful hammond parts, crunchy guitar work and the raucous sound of a Rickenbacker bass, all woven together in a psychedelic rocky flow that would get even your gran up dancing!

I really recommend this band and can't wait for the whole demo reel to surface.... we are hopefully going to be recording a full studio track with them soon so keep a look out for that!

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