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Thaaaats All Folks!! - Looney Tunes Voiceover recorded at studio....

We love to record different and exciting new things... and today we done exactly that!

On first read of the email from Jay Hollandaise, voiceover fro Looney tunes characters, it was quite an exciting prospect of a hearing the many voices he could impersonate and secondly getting to record them for his showreel.

Well, he didn't disappoint. With a range of different voice impersonations from Sylvester The Cat, Tweety, Daffy Duck through to Marvin Th eMartian and The Abominable Snowman every single one was pretty spot on! As a child of the 80's these cartoons were a big part of life when lazing around the house so i'm sure when you have a look at this showreel you will be impressed with what you find!

Jay should be coming back in the later part of the year to record some more voices and we can't wait to get him in the studio again! You can check out Jays You Tube channel by clicking the link below!!

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