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Shuffle Wire Record Video!

With music video now the prime way to engage your social audience there are a few really good channels appearing to help get you noticed.... Shufflewire is one of them.

James formed Shufflewire a while back now and it has been becoming a well known channel for up and coming artists to show off their talent, with the channel filming location and studio shoots for the artists and then uploading to their followers to find on their social outlets. The latest guy to film with Shufflewire is tim Brooks who we have also been working with on an album and some Live demos over the past year. They came in and used the highly regarded room 6 to shoot this one, transforming the room in to a cool, dimly lit setting really capturing the essence of this solo performance.

We really like what these guys are doing and hopefully we will have some more videos being shot at the studio soon, i think they are getting pretty busy with requests to feature which can only be a good thing as the local music scene continues to grow and present some real talent.

You can check out the Shufflewirre channel here and you can check out Tim Brooks here.

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